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Adapter manager: Version 2.1.4 now available
This new version of our adapter manager includes new GC/N64 to USB and SNES to USB adapter firmwares and various bug fixes and improvements. See the download page for more details.


New: Gamecube controller to N64 adapter with built-in Controller Pak
On top of the highly configurable button mappings and features offered by its predecessors, this new version (V3) of our popular Gamecube controller to N64 adapter adds a built-in Controller Pak, making it a perfect fit for games where this is the only way progress can be saved.

While supplies last: Save 3$ on the previous version (V2)


raphnetraw plugin version 1.0.4 released
New releases of the raphnetraw direct controller access plugins are available. (PJ64 plugin version 1.0.4 and mupen64plus plugin version 1.0.1).

  • Add support for the upcoming 3.5.x adapter firmware (2-player adapters won't work properly otherwise)
Start using them now and be ready for the next firmware update!


Classic controller to USB adapters (new version)
New version of our Wiimote accessory to USB adapter, now for the first time also available for two players. Supports Classic controllers, NES/SNES Classic edition controllers as well as the Nunchuk. Uses our advXarch technology for minimal latency and advanced configuration options.


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