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Classic controller to USB adapters (new version)
New version of our Wiimote accessory to USB adapter, now for the first time also available for two players. Supports Classic controllers, NES/SNES Classic edition controllers as well as the Nunchuk. Uses our advXarch technology for minimal latency and adavanced configuration options.


SNES controller to USB adapters : Faster than ever
This redesigned version of our SNES to USB adapter leverages advXarch technology (also used by our N64/Gamecube to USB adapters) for a latency as low as 2ms, an updateable firmware and configurable features. Available in 1 or 2 player versions.

While inventory lasts: 25% off the old version.


NES and SNES classic edition controller support
We confirm that our Wiimote accessory to USB adapter already supports the controllers supplied with the NES and SNES classic editions. A great way to use quality, newly manufactured controllers on your PC!


raphnet-tech adapter manager v2.0.0
This is an evolution of our GC/N64 to USB adapter manager to support all our adapters. Adapters with advXarch technology, currently only used in our N64/GC to USB adapter series, can be configured and updated using this new version. Otherwise, simply displays the name and version of any raphnet adapter (even very old and rare ones).


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